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Our courses condense 7+ years of editing experience into a few hours. Taught in the most efficient, effective and engaging way possible - incomparable to other courses.

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Meet the Founder 🏂


Dylan has over 7 years of experience editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop & creating content on YouTube.

His teaching style is effective, efficient and no non-sense! 

He runs over 4 monitized YouTube channels generating 250,000 views every month along with a healthy passive income stream and his own film production company.

"These courses represent 10 years of Learning in 5 hours - economically its a no brainer" - Dylan

Teacher Stats! 📈



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"Good information about the algorithm and analytics. It helped me realize what is hurting my channel growth so I can focus on fixing things, get more views and ad revenue. Thanks Dylan!"

Luci Ayyat, YouTuber (10k+)

" I had zero idea about adobe premiere pro before watching your class but now I feel confident. Thank You so much...."

Ary Kamble, Editor

"Excellent tutorial for those who are stuck and can not figure out how to execute their ideas effectively. Simple & crisp explanation"

Vineeta, Software Engineer

Adobe Premiere Pro - Beginner to Pro

As an Editor I have taught my self from scratch. Spent days learning from YouTube. Searching through tutorials. This course condenses that learning swift, effectively and explains how Ive edited my way to over 70,000 subscribers.

Premiere Pro

  • What Is the Course For?
    The course is designed for people who are looking to learn Adobe Premiere Pro as a beginner, Intermediates wanting to improve there editing work flow (and save lots of time) and those wanting to learn how to combine their editing skills with editing a killer YouTube video.
  • How is it Taught?
    The course consists of 3 different modules with 2 hours of course content. Lessons occur with pure in Premiere Pro footage (no time wasted) while Dylan explains and guides you through the editing process as he edits along side you. You also get access to a 1 on 1 call for any final issues you would like help with (15mins) after completing the course as well.
  • Is it worth the Money?
    Watching this course will give you a knowledge base for editing that will save you countless hours go scrambling to learn the software with online tutorials or badly explained courses. We guarantee long term it will save you over 50+ hours as an editor. At $10 p/h this course would save you over $500 so economically - it is most definitely worth it!
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