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Welcome to the member's lounge. This is the exclusive club that only my channel supporters have access to. I share valuable & personal insights with my community on a monthly basis. I'm glad you are here. Browse Below & Click what you are after!

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January 2023

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Watchlist - Jan 2023

UK Property ETF

UK Property scare is high with banks such as Credit Suisse struggling. UK Property is down to all time lows since 2017 on iShares. Property often strong, this is one to follow.

LTO Netowork

Bear Market is horrible but LTO has great and legit partners to build with.

Virgin Galactic

Richard Bransons legacy. This is one to watch since the recent price dips. Profitability continues to be a problem but is space travel the future?

CHZ Crypto

Sport and Crypto. A great match as fan interaction demand rises.

Global Payments

Since covid card payments are booming. Global payments could stand to beneift.


This is not financial advice. Please read full disclaimer below.

Jan 2023: Active Tesla, Zoom, UI Path, LTO and CHZ
Feb 2023: N/A
March 2023: Active

Disclaimer: I am not a qualified financial advisor & I am never offering financial advice In any post, website page or video. You are responsible for your own decisions (I am not liable) & All information In all of my websites, posts & videos should be fact-checked as there's no guarantee of accuracy & any decisions you make should not be based on any information presented In any of my posts, web pages or videos. Dyor. Thank you.

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