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Below are all of the songs by Dylan. New releases, most popular, Milestones and Benefits can all be found here. Browse the new up&coming artist and please support!


Music by Dylan is available on every streaming and purchase platform. TikToks and short form content can also be made using music by Dylan. Below Spotify is linked and for any other licensing enquiries please get in contact using the button below.

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Finding the sound is one part. Mastering that sound is the next. Dylans sound and genre is Indie Pop/Indie Rock. 


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All Releases

Consistently releasing new tracks in a unqiue and different style. Each song here on the list represents a different style as the journey of discovery is ongoing.

New Release Coming Soon: Power Line

Whats next on this journey? Playlist adoption, consistent creation and building. This is one of the most competitive journeys to go on and all support directed towards Dylans Music is genuinely appreacited.


New Song: Power Line

Release Date: 15th September 2022


Delivering Package
Power Line Teaser
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