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Learn Adobe Premiere Pro as a Beginner Today!

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Welcome to the ultimate beginner's guide to video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro! Join me, Dylan, a successful YouTuber with over 60,000 subscribers and 7 years of video editing experience, as I walk you through the process of editing your own videos easily using Premiere Pro CC. Whether you need to edit videos for work, your YouTube channel, or other projects like interviews and films, this comprehensive course has got you covered. This course is designed for three types of individuals: -Complete beginners who have never used Adobe Premiere Pro before. -Those who want to enhance their video editing skills. -Aspiring YouTubers looking to learn the ins and outs of video editing. Even if you already have experience with Adobe Premiere Pro, this course offers valuable techniques to help streamline your workflow, discover hidden tips and tricks, and refine your editing style. This course provides a step-by-step learning approach that covers all aspects of video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. Some of the key topics covered include: -Creating a Project In Adobe Premiere Pro -Understanding the Adobe Premiere Pro Layout & its key features. -Adding video footage to the timeline & Video Editing Best practices -How to Edit your Videos, Editing Shortcuts, & Customization -Adjusting Clips, Positioning, Zooms, Motion Graphics, Logos & Text -Mastering Audio In Adobe PP, Adding Music, Audio Effects & Nesting Clips -Color grading techniques using color correction, LUTs, curves, filters, and presets. Adding cinematic touches like v-ignettes and black bars. -Creating Reaction Videos & Face Cams In Premiere Pro, adding B-roll incorporation, and audio syncing. -Comedy editing techniques, including pacing, splits, How to edit a youtube video Join me in the Premiere Pro Masterclass 2023/2024 and unlock your full editing potential. Enroll now to gain the skills and confidence to

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